General construction designing

Our company provides services for industrial, general utility and technical infrastructure investments:

1. The preparation of investment
• technical and environmental assessment of site conditions;
• technical advice;
• preliminary cost and timeframe estimation;
• obtaining technical conditions for connection of utilities;
• obtaining maps for design purposes;
• soil and water tests – geo-technical report;
• obtaining decision on land development conditions or drawing and excerpt from the content of the local spatial development plan.

2. Designing process
• developing design conceptions along with visualization;
• completion of multi-branch/full construction design;
• obtaining all necessary arrangements, environmental permits, including final building permit;
• preparing technical specifications for performance and acceptance of construction works;
• development of full cost-estimation;
• development of multi-branch construction designs: architectural, engineering and construction, roads, installations (networks, installations and devices-telecommunication, heating, ventilation, gas, water, sewage, electrical and power);
• preparing material and financial schedule;
• authorship supervision.

3. Investment substitution, investment supervision
• preparing and conducting tender procedures;
• execution of all necessary actions related to realization of the investment on behalf of Investor;
• conducting inspection supervision;
• preliminary and final acceptance of construction works;
• preparing energy performance certificates;
• obtaining operating permit;
• final investment settlement;
• arrangement of warranty inspections;
• technical control of building maintenance and running building log books.



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