Power lines, grid and electric designing

Scope of services:
Our company performs:

• designs of grid and electric objects HV, MV and low voltage in terms of modernization and connections;
• designs of outdoor lighting (streets, parks, architectural objects);
• designs of electrical installations for cubature facilities and industrial areas;
• creation of electronic infrastructure of HV, MV and low voltage grid – based on „Facil++”:
• scanning and calibrating maps to the system;
• entering in the digital form (vector) of the designed elements of the network;
• assigning data with network/recipient;
• gathering information on the characteristics of the network and devices that were entered to the system;
• using the system for technical calculation and optimization of the network;
• opinions and analysis;
• opinions about the location of objects in relation to power devices;
• energy-efficient heating systems;
• energy performance certificates of objects/facilities.
• Other design services performed by our company include: external and internal electrical installations;
• documentation of the fiber optic lines – cable and overhead;
• comprehensive documentation of surge protection and electrical equipment.

Additional services:
Our company can also prepare a complete Digital Model of high, medium and low voltage grid, together with a representation of networks in geographic information system GIS, as well as the introduction of complete data to the system.



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